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Youngstock grazing beside Llysyfran reservoir

Garfield John Ltd. is a family owned dairy farming company specialising in milk production on four adjoining dairy units near Haverfordwest,Pembrokeshire,West Wales,U.K.

   Garfield and Eirwen John started farming 170 acres at Walton Grange in 1948. By 1968 it ran to 370 acres and was carrying 300 dairy cows.In 1972 200 acres at New Scollock was purchased by their son Raymond and a 200 cow dairy unit established.
   In 1989 , 300 acres at North farm was bought concluding a six year contract farming agreement with the vendor .The West farm was bought the following year adding a further 320 acres.

   We are currently carrying 980 milking cows and 370 heifers on 1400 acres of our own land producing  7 million litres of milk. The four dairies have a variety of milking parlours with the largest herd of 350 cows at Walton Grange being milked through a 50 stall rotary,the North and West herds are milked through conventional 16/16 herringbones and carry a further 200 cows each,with  a 16/16 fast exit plant at New Scollock handling another 200+ cows.All these plants have been fully updated with the latest electronic equipment.

Milking time at Walton Grange's 50 point rotary parlour

Garfield John Ltd. is a registered company at Companies House,Cardiff No. 3729212
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Garfield John Ltd,Walton Grange,Clarbeston Road,PembrokeshireSA63 4SY.               Tel.01437 731 382 Fax.01437 731527